About Fruit World

Flavor-Obsessed Fruit Growers and Shippers


Our Values


Commitment to Relationships

We take care of each other, honor our growers, steward the land, and jump over drip tape for our buyers.


Trust & Authenticity

We believe honesty and sustainability are the best policies. We keep our boots on the ground and hands in the soil.


Passion & Fun

We love what we do. We smile and laugh while we work, infusing our happiness and passion into the fruit that we sell.


The Future is Fruit World



Produce the most flavorful fruit in California and connect with customers who share our passion for quality and peak seasonality



Revitalize family farmers’ connection to the soil, reinvigorate the public’s relationship with produce, and ensure the sustainability of agriculture


Help us realize our vision.


What Makes Fruit World Special?


Deep Roots in the Soil

Fruit World is owned and operated by C.J. Buxman and Bianca Kaprielian, third- and fourth-generation, honest-to-goodness family farmers.

We want our children, nieces, and nephews to have the opportunity to be a part of our agricultural heritage and carry family farming into future generations.


Insightful Specialists

Fruit World offers a true depth of knowledge about innovative and heritage produce varieties as well as peak seasonality.

We walk the fields daily to survey and sample our produce, discerning from a single touch and taste exactly who we’re going to sell each harvest to and the best way to ship it.


Highest Standards

Fruit World produce is picked when it matures for the ripest, most flavorful fruit around.

In addition to conventional mandarins, we sell USDA-certified organic citrus, grapes, apricots, pomegranates, and avocados.

We uphold optimal harvesting, storage, and packing practices, shipping out of PrimusGFS-certified packing and cooling facilities.