Raised on the Ranch

Fruit World founders Bianca Kaprielian and C.J. Buxman grew up on opposite sides of the same small town, both on multigenerational stone fruit farms.

Childhood on the farm in Reedley, California, was one of dusty rides in a pickup truck, surrounded by trees and the aroma of peaches, plums, and nectarines. They filed in the packing house to learn office operations and spent hours helping out in the field, soaking up harvesting lessons and the San Joaquin Valley sun.


Onto Something New

While C.J.’s dad was grooming him to take over the family business, C.J.’s mom and Bianca’s parents urged their children to pursue higher education and easier, more secure professions.

And that’s what they did. But the farther they ventured out, the more strongly they felt pulled back to their agricultural roots.


Becoming a Buyer’s Seller

Bianca transitioned from documentary filmmaking to ecological horticulture, completing the CASFS apprenticeship at UC Santa Cruz and launching her career in produce buying.

Although she loved serving as a buyer for an organic wholesale company and a major grocery retailer, dealing with growers just ignited her commitment to her heritage.


Back to the Farm

C.J.’s desk job left him daydreaming about a grower’s life. So he moved his family home to Reedley, where he planted his first citrus ranch and reconnected with the Kaprielians.

C.J. quickly grew fifteen acres into a hundred fifty and expanded to grapes and stone fruit, investing every penny back into the soil and revitalizing his family’s land.


Spreading the Sunshine

At the end of the 2016–17 winter season, the produce marketing company that managed the Kaprielians’ sales pulled out of the region.

Bianca’s dad had fruit to move and called his daughter for help. This was the opportunity she had been waiting for.

Bianca teamed up with C.J. to market their families’ fruit. They filled the packing shed with mandarins, sold them through, and never looked back.


A Dream Takes Root

In 2017, C.J. and Bianca founded Fruit World to celebrate and carry on their family legacy of sustainable farming practices and good stewardship of the land.

They now grow and sell organic and conventional citrus and organic grapes, apricots, pomegranates, and avocados.

Fruit World is all about peak-season pickings, flavor-packed produce, and keeping family farming thriving into future generations.